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Qubit Media is a dynamic and versatile group of freelancing professionals dedicated to capturing and broadcasting immersive event experiences. Our small freelancing team excels in delivering high-quality livestream services, capturing the essence of events of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large-scale multi-camera productions, by seamlessly integrating top quality equipment, technical expertise, and a personalized approach, ensuring captivating virtual experiences that resonate with national and global audiences.

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Our team offers a comprehensive range of services to enhance your event experience


As live streaming becomes increasingly popular on a daily basis we provide infrastructure and technology needed to encode, transmit, and distribute the live video feed to viewers across different devices and platforms all over South Africa.

Video Recording

By providing professional services that offer expertise, equipment, and resources for capturing high-quality video footage. These services cater to a wide range of needs, from individual projects to corporate events, weddings, conferences, documentaries, promotional videos, and more.

Drone Recording

Experience unique and captivating visual perspective through aerial videography. At Qubit we have professional drone operators and utilizing advanced equipment, these services capture stunning aerial shots that can add impact and visual interest to various projects and industries.

Video Editing

At Qubit we offer professional expertise, technical skills, and creative input to transform raw video footage into a visually appealing and impactful final product. Whether it’s a corporate video, promotional content, or a creative project, these services help refine the visual storytelling, enhance the overall quality, and create a compelling video experience.

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